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                                     Welcome, Y'all!

My name is Joanne Calderwood,
and I am an underwhelmed Mom of eight kids.

See that pic to the left? That is me today:
Underwhelmed & enjoying my life with my family!

But I wasn't always this way!

If you'd like to read my story about how I became underwhelmed, click HERE.
You can read all about my personal meltdown when attempting to educate my children at home.
You'll get a front-row seat to my family's educational search-and-rescue mission.

In this short video, I give you the secrets to raising
extraordinary kids while becoming underwhelmed!
(and while my kitty makes her video debut.)


May I tell you something?

If you are a Mom, you are FABULOUS!

But being a Mom can be overwhelming. We all want the very best for our children, and one of the biggest decisions we will ever make for our children is how they will be educated. As parents, we hold our children's future in our hands, and a large part of each child's future success is based on the type of education he will receive.

In another life, so to speak, I was a professional educator--a classroom teacher--teaching other people's children. That experience made me think I didn't ever want to have kids of my own. Why not? I dealt with children day-in and day-out who had:
  • no respect for authority 
  • bad attitudes about pretty much everything
  • no work ethic
  • laziness
  • foul mouths
       Well, I'm sure you get the picture. What if I ended up with children like that? How would I ever get through the teen years with all the issues I saw plaguing teens today?  

Ah, but then I had my own children. I became a Mom. Know what I discovered? Being a Mom is a lot harder than being a classroom teacher! However, I also discovered that Moms have authority that classroom teachers lack.

Parents have the ultimate authority and can raise children according to their own set of expectations. I learned that it was possible to raise children who you not only love, but also LIKE! How? By teaching my kids self-mastery!     

When my first child became school-aged, he was already reading aloud to his younger siblings. My husband and I actually had to talk ourselves into butting heads with the educational norm of the day which was sending our kids away from home so "professionals" could teach them. Sending kids to school was what EVERYONE did! Why not do this?

As a former classroom teacher, I knew precisely what awaited my child in the public school classroom:
  • Boredom because he could already read and write.
  • He'd be seen as weird.
  • Teachers would love him because he didn't require their help.
  • Students would dislike him because he was advanced.
  • The crummy attitudes of other students would take a toll on him.
  • He would be on someone else's learning schedule instead of his own.
  • Finally, his siblings and parents would miss him terribly,
  • and his parents would no longer be the primary influence in his life.

If you don't remember anything else from this visit, please remember this much:

If you are a MOM or DAD, and you have the desire to educate your children at home, you most certainly can do it, and you can do it much better than any professional can!

I have a lot of respect for what teachers do in the classroom, but one thing they cannot do is provide one-on-one tutoring with your young child as you can do at home.

A teacher is trained in classroom management, and her job is not to make sure that children learn everything to an A level before moving on to the next level. If that were the case, no student would ever receive a failing grade; the teacher would have the necessary time to work with that student or simply allow him to mentally mature until he is able to grasp the new concept.

No, a teacher's role is to make sure all the children in the classroom have the opportunity to learn new concepts. Teachers know that not all students will get an A, but they are conditioned to move on regardless of whether or not all students understand the day's work completely! That is where gaps in education come from. That is where some children get the mistaken idea that they are "slow." Teachers are handicapped by time which means students are as well. The more mature children move on while the younger ones lag behind.

When you are teaching your young children at home, you can take all the time necessary to allow your student to mature and learn new lessons before moving on to the next lesson,  building a strong foundation of success upon success.

Because I had been an elementary school teacher, I had more confidence, perhaps, than other Moms may have when it comes to home-educating. But I unlearned almost everything I'd learned in college when I became a Mom who teaches her children at home.

Consider that I barely passed chemistry in high school since I was already crummy at math. But I wasn't going to be teaching my kids chemistry. I planned to give them the book and let them teach themselves chemistry ~ along with all of their other high school subjects.

"Oh, yeah? And how did that work out for ya?" you may be thinking.

Let's just say that my first four children are either currently away at college or have graduated from their first-choice universities on full academic scholarships! Half of them earn thousands of dollars cash back over and above their school costs even!

And if you want to know about SAT, PSAT, and ACT scores? Well, they are off the charts. Two National Merit Finalists, one perfect SAT scorer, two nearly-perfect SAT and ACT scorers, and I could go on. If you are interested in reading about the extraordinary results my teens have had educationally, you can read about them in my new book, The Self-Propelled Advantage: How to Raise Independent, Motivated Kids Who Learn with Excellence.

The truth is I did not teach my children at home through their high school years. Once they could read well, I taught them to teach themselves with excellence. The self-mastery their dad and I had instilled in them at a young age led to our ability as parents to trust our children to carry out the expectations we had for them, and then to carry out the expectations they had for themselves!

I became an underwhelmed Mom the day I began trusting my kids to teach themselves via mastery learning (learning everything to an A level) and self-learning. I built upon the self-mastery that my husband and I insisted on when our kids were very young, things such as positive attitudes, good behavior, kindness, trustworthiness, and follow-through.

Self-Propelled Kids don't just happen;
They are gradually introduced to self-learning freedom
once they have been taught self-mastery and mastery learning.

Learn the secret to raising independent, motivated kids who learn with excellence! Learn  how to stop MICROMANAGING and start MOTIVATING with these simple tools:

  • For Moms & Dads, I recommend The Self-Propelled Advantage softcover book. Read it. Absorb it. Prepare to Become Underwhelmed.

  • Each Student also needs his own Self-Propelled STUDENT Planner. This is the most important part of your student's ownership process! Ownership = mindset, which = motivation.

  • For Families: Attend a Self-Propelled Advantage Family Bootcamp. If this is not a possibility right now, get the six-hour, three-DVD set and watch it together as a family. This is a powerful program that will make you laugh and will make you shake your head and go, "This makes so much SENSE! Why isn't anyone else talking about this stuff?"

That's it! You need the mindset to pass on to your children, and your children need a planner.

THANK YOU for stopping by today and sharing your time with me.
My passion is to teach parents to teach their children to teach themselves self-mastery, mastery, and self-learning. I hope you will contact me if there is anything I can do or answer for you.

I also hope you'll take the time to explore the Tabs found at the top of this page. There is a lot of good stuff lurking beneath the tabs that is designed to give you as much info as possible on Self-Mastery, Mastery, and Self-Learning. There's some stuff about my family and me as well.

I wish you and your family all the best in your journey together.
Remember: The journey is the destination!

From My Home to Yours,
Joanne Calderwood

Here's all you need to get started TODAY on the road to becoming underwhelmed:

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