• This allows them to develop their own relationship with language on their own terms.

  • Feedback is given, but not with a red pen.

  • VLA is virtual tutoring with high standards of excellence.

Benefits for Parents:

  • No worrying about what writing course to buy.

  • No correcting essays/spelling/grammar.

  • The awesome feeling of PEACE, knowing that your student is growing in actual language and

writing skills, not just going through some curriculum that you're not sure will even work and that
your student doesn't even LIKE.

  • The ability to have a seasoned writing coach work with your student weekly, encouraging and

motivating with absolute regularity.

  • Built-in SAT/ACT test prep.

Benefits for Students:

Each and every week, your student will:

  • build vocabulary

  • perfect spelling skills

  • read, read, read

  • learn practical grammar rules

  • write for fun

  • receive private tutoring

  • build writing skills

  • work independently

  • prepare for the ACT/SAT

What Will I Personally Be Providing to Your Student Weekly?
1. Fifteen vocab words plus exercises for mastery
2. Instruction in grammar, punctuation, paragraph construction, and such
3. Vocab quiz for mastery
4. Encouragement
5. Personal writing development suggestions
6. Evaluation of one mini-essay per week
7. A reason to read and write
8. Someone besides Mom/Dad to provide all of the above

My promise is to NEVER give any "busy work." All assignments have a distinct purpose in their design!

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VLA fosters self-motivation in your  student by cutting out micromanagement.

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Bringing Language to Life!

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"Get the Complete Language System That Earned Joanne Calderwood's Kids
Perfect 800 Verbal SAT Scores and Perfect 36 Writing ACT scores."
No Parent Needed;
Just Add Student.

Virtual Language Alive

.Virtual Language Alive is designed for students in grades 9 through 12,  although if you have an avid reader

 in middle school, Joanne will consider making an enrollment exception.

Tired of searching for the PERFECT writing,

vocab, grammar, and spelling curriculum?

Tired of trying writing curriculum after writing curriculum, hoping to find something that your student
actually likes and that doesn't require too much of your time?
Overwhelmed with the whole teaching-language thing? Wish your student had an actual language coach? So did I!

I found that my students, with just a little help from the VLA curriculum, became their own best coaches.

I don't use any spelling, writing, or grammar curriculum after my kids finish sixth grade. That's it! My kids
are done with formal instruction at this point. (After seven years of English grammar study, they should know what a noun is.)

Instead, my kids got to dive into what I've come to call Language Alive, but for years it had no name. It's
what I allowed my kids to do instead of a formal writing curriculum because I knew a secret that now I can
share with you.

The Secret to Success
A strong foundation in reading, coupled with what I call background writing--writing something three
times per week--plus a strong & vibrant vocabulary provide a student with an unparalleled advantage for
the rest of his life.

For Example:
Lauren graduated from college summa cum laude with a degree in English with a Writing
Emphasis. Lauren never wrote me a formal essay or paper during her entire high school career, yet she
(along with her siblings) entered college extremely well prepared for college-level writing. She scored a
perfect 36/36 on the ACT Reading section, and a 35/36 on the English section in high school.
Consequently, Lauren's love of writing was not snuffed out by monotonous writing that lacked purpose.
She wrote for herself and still does.

Update 12/22/17: Lydia just finished her freshman year at college, and she had taken an English class for fun. This young lady, who had written zero papers in home school, wrote a final research paper in college that her professor asked permission to use as a sample for the other classes she taught at the university. Lydia had used Virtual Language Alive in high school which prepared her [and her siblings] for the rigors of college reading, writing, and vocabulary usage.

How to successfully snuff out a love of language in your student:  

  • Make him do a formal program of grammar, writing, spelling, and vocabulary all at once.
  • Hand him workbook after workbook filled with assignment after assignment, a lot of which is busy work, designed to fill time.  Wouldn't we as adults hate having to do that?

Or you can give your student freedom to work independently with a program that promises no busy work
and gives weekly feedback with minimal requirements.

"Just write something three times a week for fun using vocab words," is what I've told (and
continue to tell) my students, giving them next to no restrictions other than that.

Let 'em write!

Let 'em read!

Don't stop progress with lengthy assignments that bog them down.

Mix in a light study of vocab words, and the result is background development of viable, advanced language skills!
VLA works!

Techniques NOBODY Else Uses,
For Results that Nothing Else Gives!